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Why You Need On-site Uniform Fitting Events

Don't let poor program adoption derail the success of your new standardized uniform program!

Why You Need On-site Fitting Events.

Don’t let poor program adoption derail the success your new standardized uniform program!

Program adoption. Change management. Uniform policy compliance. A variety of names for the same concept – getting your employees to wear uniforms that meet the new dress code standards for your hospital or healthcare organization by the established deadline. Don’t panic. Instead, design-in opportunities for employees to shop for new uniforms when you are planning your standardized uniform initiative launch.


A pop-up uniform store at your location.

In the simplest terms, an on-site fitting event is a pop-up uniform store where employees can shop, try on, and order uniforms. You decide when and where to set up the store, and encourage your staff to take advantage of the convenience.

As a uniform provider with over 30 years of experience, we provide support specifically designed to help with adoption. Pre-event marketing tools, milestones, planning and execution of the fitting event, and post-event debriefs. This short video takes you inside one of our pop-up uniform stores, helping hospital employees find their perfect scrub set.


Get large numbers of employees fitted and in uniform at one time. Save administrative time.

When organizations are launching a large standardized uniform program, there are often thousands of employees that need to comply with the new standard – on the same deadline. The whole idea behind a program adoption event is to get as many employees fitted and in uniform as possible. In addition to being convenient for the employee, these events save a tremendous amount of time for your program administrators. This is an opportunity for employees to touch and feel different brands, try on available styles in their assigned color, ask questions, and place orders. Employees can shop the store before or after their shift, or on a break during their workday.


Host a fitting event to kick off the new uniform program. Offer periodic onsite fitting events to support your program.

Every organization is unique – some groups need one large fitting event, and they achieve their compliance goal. Other organizations need multiple events to get started, and several more to support the program in the longer term. When we are working with a customer to launch a new standardized program, we recommend at least one event for each location impacted by the new dress code policy. For the best results, host a large event for the launch and support the program with smaller events throughout the year.



Get the word out about the event – early. You want, no… you NEED the events to be well attended.

Use your newsletters and other internal communication tools to promote your uniform fitting events. Offer a sneak peek of available styles and encourage participation. The more employees that place orders at fitting events, the better. Fitting employees and answering questions on an individual basis is time-consuming and less effective. The risk of dealing with returns and other delays increases when the employee doesn’t have the opportunity to try on the uniform before ordering. Start promoting the event at least 8 weeks out, and use posters and emails to continuously remind staff as the event approaches.

If you are in-charge of this project, or part of a team responsible for the initiative, not only are you personally invested in the success of the program, but you have organizational goals to meet also. Leveraging program adoption events can help you meet your compliance targets, and keep employees in compliance with the dress code standard after the hype of the initial program launch settles.


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