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Enhance Your Brand Perception

A brand is not what you say it is -- it's what they say it is. Stand out in a fierce consumer-driven, value-based, health care market.

The health care business model is changing.

A standardized uniform program is the cornerstone to unifying your organization's system-wide image + attracting a more loyal physician and patient.

Cultivate Brand Ambassadors

Your brand identity, mission and core values express themselves in every touch point and become intrinsic to your company’s culture – a constant symbol of your integrated care message.

Enhance Positive Clinical Outcomes

Investing in a culture that promotes loyalty creates a virtuous cycle that positively impacts the safety, quality, and experience of care, while ultimately driving key business objectives to retain and increase market share.

Unify a Fragmented System

A consistent uniform program across multiple facilities and geographies sends a strong message to patients and their families - they can expect the same level of quality and care throughout your entire health system.

What does your uniform program say about your team? Your reputation? Your health system?

Studies conclude that dress is a very strong form of nonverbal communication and the patient's perception of caregiver teamwork is the strongest predictor of patient loyalty.


First impressions for patients and visitors are often determined by appearance.

Studies show patients feel professional attire equals honesty, knowledge and high quality of care.

The patient experience starts the moment a patient walks in the door... their first experience is visual.

60% of your patients feel that uniforms make your workers look better trained.

A branded, or color-coded, uniform system is proven to improve communication during the patient experience for the patient, their families and the caregiver teams. Investing in communication is more cost effective in terms of increasing patient satisfaction scores; than compared to a renovation or structural change.


Unify Your Organization

AdventHealth. One system. One brand. One uniform program.

Olesea Azevedo speaks about using uniforms to support her organization's transition to a single brand.


Partnering with UA


Jeremy Robinson shares his experience working with Uniform Advantage. He speaks to the importance of UA's past experience and knowledge of the health care environment.