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Customer Story: Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic

The Challenge

Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States (Kaiser) contacted us to as a potential partner to help them shift to a standardized uniform program that included color-coding by job function.

The organization was faced with finding a solution agreeable to multiple stakeholders, both internal and external. The steering committee wanted guidance on program details that included:

  • Color assignments by job function
  • Employee starter sets
  • Secure custom web portal
  • Uniform fitting options

The Solution

The team at Uniform Advantage leaned on experience in this space, with multiple organizations of different scale, to help Kaiser with their uniform program design and implementation. Our goal was to make the process easy and the transition seamless. To accomplish this, we provided:

  • Support during program planning discussions
  • Helpful planning tools and worksheets
  • Guidance and recommendations related to product selection to program features
  • In-person uniform fittings

Program Implementation Model

The Result

Unified teams across locations.
Bigger savings for employees.

As a result of the new program, Kaiser was able to roll-out a comprehensive uniform program to 3,500 employees in 31 locations across the Mid-Atlantic region. Employees received an allotment of new uniforms to kick-off the new color assignments by role and Kaiser provides starter uniforms to new employees.

  • Mobilized UA resources to execute 10-day mobile store fitting event during stage one of program implementation
  • New employee benefit includes free starter uniforms and discounted prices for additional uniform purchases
  • Launched customized web portal to support the program and enhance the employee shopping experience

We brought our retail expertise and
a personal shopping experience to Kaiser.

24/7 Web Portal

Features secure login tied to internal Kaiser employee ID and designed to manage employer-paid allotments