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Why Choose Uniform Advantage

For over 35 years, medical apparel has been our core business.


A Complete Solution

For over 35 years, medical apparel has been our core business. Whether creating our own scrub collections or retailing others, we obsess over the details. From product design and planning to program execution, we strive to exceed our business partners' expectations.

Our capabilities are scalable across multiple regions and patient care environments. We embrace your organization's key values and align with every aspect of your business objectives.

Strategic Program Management

We use a proven program management strategy to launch new uniform programs on time and on budget. We start by engaging multiple stakeholders, facilitating steering committee and focus group discussions, and use weekly task force meetings to monitor progress on critical milestones and decisions. Our phased approach moves you from concept to implementation in weeks, not months.



More brands, in more styles and more colors

More choices than any single wholesaler or retailer in the industry. We carry comprehensive in-stock inventories of all the national brands, as well as exclusive brands we design and manufacture, with fabrics, styles and colors you can't find anywhere else. This means you see significant cost savings versus a traditional supplier.



Seamless and
stress-free transitions.

As your business partner, our dedicated account team will help simplify the process, unburden your administrative resources, and lower your program costs.

+ Product sourcing and recommendations

+ Mirror current product assortment

+ Multiple fitting, ordering and shipping options

+ 24/7 customer support


Savings and Program Models

We have pricing and timeline models that work for your operations. We design scalable and sustainable uniform programs.

Bulk Program Model

Best for high-volume needs. Limited assortment at lowest cost. Overall best value. Minimum order: 2,000+ units

Employer Purchased Model

Best option for initial program launch and annual stipends. Can be combined with Employee Purchased Model. Helps to promote program adoption. Deep discounts with no minimums.

Employee Purchased Model

Designed for sustaining your uniform program. Transition from Employer Purchased Model after program implementation. Great everyday value for employees compared to regular retail pricing.