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Easy Gift Ideas for Nurses

Nurses Week 2020


National Nurses Week begins on May 6th and wraps up on May 12th each year. It’s time to start planning your Nurses Week activities. You want to show appreciation for your nurses, but how do you get started? Try a gift. Gifts with a company logo or company motto are a common practice and generally, well-received. Research shows branded gifts foster a sense of connection and pride to an employee’s organization.


83% of people like promotional products
81% of people hang onto promotional products because they are useful
8 out of 10 people own at least one promotional product
53% of people use a promotional product at least once a week
47% of people hold onto promotional products for more than a year

Find ways to incorporate company branded products with larger campaigns and initiatives to help give the gifts meaning and purpose. With so many different items and price points that fit any budget, you are sure to find a gift for your entire staff without breaking the bank.


Let’s look at the numbers. A recent survey showed of the respondents:

50% had branded writing instruments
44% had promotional shirts
31% had bags
22% had desk/office supplies
13% had drinkware

The take-away? Pick an everyday item every nurse needs – pen, pen light, scissors, coffee mug, water bottle, tote bag – add your logo, and you have a great nurses week appreciation gift.


Healthcare Survival Kits

Put together a Survival Kit for different groups of staff as an easy way to add a little fun to your Nurses Week activities. Add an assortment of helpful items, an inspirational note, and voila! A creative and unique way to say thank you to your teams. Some groups to consider include rookies, leaders, and nurses by designation. A quick online search for items to include will help get you started.

Nurses Week T-shirt

What about a Nurses Week themed t-shirt that staff can wear to work during Nurses Week? For one week, this t-shirt is considered dress code compliant and can be worn as part of a standard uniform program.

Employee Recognition Awards

Employees crave recognition: A whopping 85% hope to be recognized at least quarterly, if not more! Give your nurses the shout out they deserve during with a Nurses Week Award Ceremony.

Here are a few of our favorite award categories to get you started:

Going the Extra Mile
Rookie of the Year
Most Valuable Player (MVP)
Calm in the Eye of the Storm
Healthy Living Promoter
Excellence in Organization
Incredible Innovator

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you choose to celebrate. Your staff will appreciate the heartfelt thank you and recognition for the value they bring to the job every day.