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6 Uniform Fails You Must See To Believe

There are bad uniforms and then there are these.

Believe it! These are real uniforms worn by real professional athletes. There are bad uniforms and then there are these. We’ve posted some of our favorites below:

1. 1999 Ryder Cup Shirts

The U.S. team’s come-from-behind victory was incredible, but even more incredible was the willingness of Tiger Woods, David Love III, and Phil Mickelson to be photographed in this shirt!

2. Bogota Humana team riders at the women’s Giro Toscana race in Italy in 2014

No, these cyclists aren’t half naked, but their uniforms were deemed ‘unacceptable,’ for obvious reasons, the Colombian women’s cycling team uniform caused quite a stir. As some point out, the garment’s light-colored section appears to make the riders look partially nude.

3. Fresno Grizzlies, The Price is Right jersey, 2007

Wow. Just Wow. Brings to mind Happy Gilmore – the price is wrong, Grizzlies!

4. 2012 Olympic Silver Medalists

Most biking uniforms aren’t the most flattering, but come on! The cut and seams of these uniforms are in all the wrong places.

5. 1976 Chicago White Sox

This uniform is just extremely confusing… baseball player meets elementary school dress code? The open collar, the shorts, the high white socks – all fashionable during this era. Just not all together at the same time!

6. Last, but not least … Australia’s Men’s Discus Team in London, 2012

Yes look again, that is a uniform. The team found seriously creative way to show off those muscles!

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